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Volunteer Training Program for Brazos and Surrounding Counties

Who Are We?
The Rape Crisis Center, Brazos Valley opened its doors to survivors of sexual assault in October, 1983. We are dedicated to helping these survivors recover from the trauma associated with this violent crime. As a nonprofit agency, we use volunteers from the Brazos Valley community to provide the support needed by survivors of sexual assault. Our volunteers receive extensive and very intense training during 32 hours of class time. Classes are conducted during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Our Volunteer Training Program is certified by the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (TAASA). We receive funding from the Brazos County; Brazos Valley United Way; Nina Astin Trust; State of Texas-Office of the Attorney General, Sexual Assault Division; Texas Governor’s Office, Criminal Justice Division Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and Victims Of Crime Act (VOCA). Each year we also conduct fundraisers and receive private donations from citizens in our community.

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What do we do?

The Rape Crisis Center, Brazos Valley was established:
To provide support services to all victims of sexual assault, including family members and friends;
To increase the conviction rate of sexual assault offenders; and
To educate the public on the crime of sexual assault and to advocate prevention and awareness as a weapon against sexual assault.

Our volunteers and staff work each and every day to improve its on-going victim oriented procedures throughout the community and surrounding outreach counties in which physical and psychological support services are offered to survivors of sexual assault during the hospital exam, police investigation and statement giving, and court proceedings, as well as to enhance empathetic treatment of survivors by law enforcement, medical and prosecutorial personnel.

We strive to alter the communities’ concepts about the crime of sexual assault and its many myths, increase their awareness of sexual assault prevention techniques, increase their awareness about the at services the Rape Crisis Center, Brazos Valley and increase public support for community wide efforts to financially fund the Center’s programs. These services help greatly to reduce the number of sexual assaults.

The center is also directed toward improving criminal justice proceedings in order to increase the reporting of sexual assaults, increase investigations for arresting offenders, increase prosecution, and increase the number of convictions.

The Rape Crisis Center, Brazos Valley provides services to survivors of sexual assault, their family members and friends FREE of charge:

Volunteers provide face-to-face support services to help survivors through issues related to their assault;

Volunteers answer our “hotline” which provides immediate support and information (M-F 5pm – 8am and on a 24-hour basis on holidays and weekends);

Volunteers provide accompaniment to local hospitals, police departments and court proceedings;

Support groups for adult survivors of sexual assault and for women molested as children.

Friends of the Family Program for adolescent survivors of sexual assault or childhood sexual abuse;

Referrals to professional therapists or other agencies within the Brazos Valley community; and

A Speakers’ Bureau to provide organizations, schools, clubs, associations and agencies education on the topics of safety, awareness, and prevention of sexual assault.

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Rape Crisis Center, Brazos Valley Volunteers
Gain…extensive training provided by law enforcement officials, professional therapists, and professionals with an expertise in the area of sexual assault.

Gain…practical experience and explore new career possibilities.

Gain…personal satisfaction by helping a survivor through the trauma and recovery of sexual assault.

Gain…personal satisfaction by helping a survivor through the trauma and recovery of sexual assault.

There are numerous benefits to being a volunteer at the Rape Crisis Center, Brazos Valley, but to me the biggest benefits are: (1) gaining valuable knowledge through the initial and on-going training allowing you the skills to be able to help someone in a time of need; and (2) knowing that you may have improved lives in a positive way by being there to support victims of sexual assault at a time when reaching out is very difficult for them to do.

Bridgette G.
Volunteer since May 1997


One of the most important aspects of volunteering for me is being there to answer the cries in the night.

-Sandi O.

Volunteer since July, 1986

We need your help


  • Answering our hotline
  • Provide support for survivors at hospitals, police departments and court proceedings
  • Providing FREE face-to-face support counseling
  • Being a member of our Speakers’ BureauOur volunteers help survivors through the trauma of sexual assault. They make a difference in a survivor’s life. Click here to Apply to be a Volunteer TODAY!!!

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