What is Sexual Assault?  The Law: The Texas Penal Code says a person commits sexual assault “If that person causes the penetration of the anus, vagina, or mouth of another person with a sexual organ or object, without that person’s consent OR causes another person to contact or penetrate the mouth, anus or sexual organ […]

What to Do When You are Attacked  There are no set rules because every situation and every person is different. Here are some alternatives to consider. · TALK — say anything that may allow you to escape (i.e. “I’m pregnant”; “I have VD”; “I have AIDS”; etc.) · FIGHT — aim for sensitive parts of […]

When Does a Date Become a Crime?  Did you know that according to the National Victim Center Statistics: 22% of all rape victims are between the ages of 18 – 24. 27.7% of college women reported a sexual experience that met the legal definition of rape or attempted rape, and 7.7% of college men reported […]

Sexual Harassment: WHAT IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT? The Hill-Thomas case brought out the issue of Sexual Harassment. Which made men and women both question “What is Sexual Harassment?” Margie Harris an Attorney at Law, during a conference for Texas Association Against Sexual Assault broke sexual harassment into four general types. 1. “know it when we see […]

HELPING SIGNIFICANT OTHERS THROUGH THE TRAUMA OF SEXUAL ASSAULT: FAMILY MEMBERS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVORS The divorce rate among sexual assault survivors is extremely high. Often the significant other has grown up with preconceived notions (myths) about rape and cannot deal with the fact that someone else has “had” their spouse, even against the survivor’s […]

Sexual Assault Awareness  At Home: · Install dead bolt locks on all doors and trac locks on all windows. · Call your local police department for free security assistance. · List only your last name and initials in phone directories and on all mailboxes. · Keep all doors locked at all times and install a […]

Sexual Abuse or Assault of Children and Adolescents  The Brazos County Rape Crisis Center, Inc. dba, Rape Crisis Center, Brazos Valley a non-political, non-profit organization, was founded in October of 1983. A special training program and continual in-service training helps volunteers support and counsel rape/incest victims and their families. FRIENDS OF THE FAMILY The primary […]

Road to Recovery for Adults Molested as Children  ADULT SURVIVORS OF CHILDHOOD SEXUAL ASSAULT or INCEST There are two categories into which you, as an adult survivor of childhood sexual assault fall: either you were molested by a family member, someone in a parental/authoritative role, or you were assaulted by a stranger. Whatever the case […]

Regaining Control  Sexual assault is a crime that is deeply misunderstood. It is a sexual expression of violence, not a violent expression of sex. Most people think that rapes are only committed by strangers lurking in the bushes who wait on their unsuspecting victims as they walk by. Actually, most rapes are committed by someone […]

Protecting Our Children   WHO MOLESTS CHILDREN? Child molesters come from all socioeconomic classes. Many are respected citizens in their community. According to most studies, offenders start molesting children before they are 30 years old; therefore, it is not just the “dirty old man” that your child should be cautious of. WHO ARE THE VICTIMS? […]